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Indian Furniture Tips - What is a Diwan

Everything about Indian furniture is special, right from the design that it is made in to the cultural and ethical names that they are given. There are several everyday types of furniture that we see which have their traditional Indian name. For example, the cupboard becomes the Almarih, the bed becomes the khatiya or the charpoy and the sofa becomes the Diwan. Here is some important information about the Diwan.

The Diwan is the traditional name for the Sofa:

What the western world knows as the sofa is known as the Diwan in India. There are several types and styles of Diwans and one need to just browse any of the furniture shops to get the type and shape of diwan that would fit your requirement. Just like the sofa, the diwan can sit three, four or five people. One can either have a Diwan in the traditional rectangular design or even the L or the V shape. The name comes from the fact that it was normally found in the Diwan, a name used to refer to any highly placed government official back in the ancient medieval times.

The Indian Diwan is quite elegant and designed fashionably:

All types of Indian furniture are designed with elegance in mind and have an Indian touch to it. The same goes for the designs of the Indian diwan. You will find any and every type of design and finishing that you would like for your interior decoration. Rounded arm rests, rounded legs with tiny apertures that are shaped and designed as animal feet, etc are the general identifications of an Indian Diwan. Whether you want one of those space saving designs or a design that is exuberant and adds an exotic touch to your interiors, you will find all kinds of designs if you look around a bit.

The Indian Diwan can be made of several materials:

With the changing times, the materials used to make the diwan have increased and changed drastically. Today, the diwan can be made of iron, steel, wood, and some other materials. Also, the seating cushions of the diwan are normally made up of soft or hard cotton, to offer a comfortable experience to the user. Also, some modern diwans are converted into box spring beds. This is normally seen in households where there are not enough bedrooms, or in houses which cannot afford a bed.

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